Fried Rice Red Flannel Long Shirt (Japanese Fabric)

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Fried Rice Red Flannel Long Shirt made from Japanese Fabric

We at Foster are proud to introduce Fried Rice out of NYC.

Check out the distinctive design elements like asymmetrical pockets, black corozo buttons and minimized cuffs. Plus the Japanese-made fabric is super-soft and nicely textured. Perfect for fall.

Shirt /šə́rt/, n. modern style red flannel long shirt with imported Japanese fabric, workman pockets, asymmetrical side pocket, extended tail and corozo buttons; simple collar. 

Note: We'll be honest with you. We have no love for brands that “source” a trending shirt style and slap their logo on it before mass marketing it out to you. In fact, we probably wouldn’t know a trend if one landed on our collective head, so every shirt we make is designed to stand out creatively and represent something distinctive.


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